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Biodiversity Expert

Jumanne M. Abdallah is an Associate Professor of Resource Economics in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Economics at the College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania. He earned his PhD in Resource Economics from the University of Bonn (Universität Bonn, Germany) and Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania) through a sandwich program. His doctoral research focused on the economic and productive efficiency analysis of tobacco and its impact on the Miombo woodlands of the Iringa Region in Tanzania.

Prof. Jumanne’s teaching and research interests include sustainable energy, resource economics, and production efficiency. He has been involved in various projects, including the assessment of potential alternative energy sources for flue-cured tobacco production, economic assessments of sustainable agroforestry, promoting sustainable agroforestry, developing training guidelines and implementation, capacity building on energy issues, wood fuel consumption, financial analysis, and climate change projects.

Before joining academia, Prof. Jumanne worked with tea factories in Tanzania and served as the Assistant Manager of Matugutu Tea Estate. He has also provided consultancy services in various countries, including East Africa and Southeast Asia.