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Africa Energy Services Group (AESG) Limited – www.africaesg.com – is an all Africa based energy, environment, and climate change company with its head office in Kigali, Rwanda and branches in Nairobi, Kenya; Dar es salaam, Tanzania; and Maseru, Lesotho. It is constituted by a group of experienced professionals and experts in the areas highlighted above.
AESG strength ranges from research, advisory services, policy and strategy development, and technical consulting in energy and climate change space with major focus on renewable energies, energy efficiency, and energy security. In response to the increased power access especially to the rural based population, Since the year 2017, AESG has added a deep-dive involvement in mini/micro-grids development initiatives on her projects and skills portfolio and indeed, within a few years of starting up, the AESG has successfully brought its expertise to bear on a number of different areas related to energy, especially renewable, in more than 15 countries on the continent.
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More specifically; while under the energy domain AESG focuses more on energy access, energy efficiency and security, electricity master plans, regulatory frameworks including tariff development, off-grid solutions (solar home systems, mini/micro grids), etc, under the Climate Change, the focus has been on Mitigation and adaptation solutions, development of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) roadmaps, and climate change mainstreaming in general, and technical assistance in the preparation of position papers for countries towards negotiations in the Conference of Parties (COPs).

On both, development of policies and Strategies, gender inclusivity as well as capacity building have been
cross cutting activities AESH has done in different countries.

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