Mini-Grid Development in Rwanda

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Mini-Grid Development in Rwanda

  • Duration:Jan – July 2020
  • Location:Kigali, Rwanda
  • Client:Rwanda Development Bank
  • Consortium:TTA (Spain) & AESG (Rwanda)
  • Position:Co. Consultant 

ESG, in partnership with TTA, supported the Rwanda Development Bank in designing training manuals, conducting feasibility studies, and developing mini-grid projects. The goal was to promote sustainable energy access in Rwanda.

Key Objectives include, Design training manuals for mini-grid Detailed Feasibility Studies (DFS), Identify and train local consultants for DFS report development, conduct pre-feasibility studies and select potential mini-grid sites, and developing DFS reports for selected mini-grid sites.

Achievements includes, designed comprehensive training manuals for DFS, trained local consultants and facilitated pre-feasibility studies, developed DFS reports for potential mini-grid sites, and contributed to Rwanda’s efforts to expand energy access through mini-grids.