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Eng. Rocky Tumaini

Project Development Expert

Eng. Rocky Tumaini is a highly skilled and motivated Electrical Engineer with a passion for the energy sector. A Rwandan national, Rocky received his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering from Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), currently College of Science and Technology (CST). Currently, Rocky serves as the Project Development Manager at Africa Energy Services Group (AESG). He is known for being an excellent team player, a fast learner, self-motivated, and able to work under pressure.

With over 14 years of working experience, Rocky has had the opportunity to work in various fields and industries, including renewable energy, project management, thermal energy production, IT services, and data collection. He has shown his capabilities in handling various tasks and responsibilities, such as following up on existing projects, acquiring and implementing new projects, and conducting surveys on capacity building in government institutions, NGOs, EU Projects like PRE-LEAP, LEAP-RE, and private entities. Additionally, Rocky has advanced knowledge and skills in Computer Software & Applications, Hardware, Maintenance, and Networking. He enjoys exploring new opportunities in the energy sector and applying the knowledge and skills he acquires during his daily operations.

Rocky aspires to be part of a highly dedicated and motivated team, and AESG is no exception, where he can learn more, adopt, improve his knowledge and skills, and take his career to another level. More importantly, Rocky’s vision is to make a significant impact in society, especially in the energy sector, and continue to build on the knowledge and experience he has attained throughout his career.