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Dominique Savio BARAHIRA

Program Coordination Manager

Dominique is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, and Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE), including clean cooking solutions. His career is marked by a formidable history of adept project management and coordination, demonstrating his deep-rooted expertise and unwavering dedication to sustainable energy solutions. Dominique has played a pivotal role in collaborating with various organizations in Rwanda, including the European Union, GIZ-Rwanda, Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA), World Bank, Rwanda Development Bank, and Energy Development Corporation Ltd, working through contracted consulting firms.

In these collaborations, he has spearheaded projects focused on conducting comprehensive feasibility studies for renewable energy sources and implementing energy efficiency initiatives across commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. His multifaceted experience is a testament to his unwavering commitment to driving advancements in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Dominique’s proven leadership acumen, adept project management skills, and significant contributions to cutting-edge research initiatives firmly position him as an invaluable asset in the relentless pursuit of sustainable energy development.

As an advocate of SDG7, Dominique has published a scientific paper as the main author titled “Suitability of Crop Residues as Feedstock for Biofuel Production in South Africa: A Sustainable Win-Win Scenario,” available at: He holds a MSc. in Energy Engineering from the Pan African University (PAUWES-Algeria) and a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rwanda. Currently, he serves as the Program Manager at Africa Energy Services Group Ltd.