Kenya Power and Lighting Co. Ltd

  • Designing customer schemes, rural electrification as well as network reinforcement schemes.
  • Construction of all the Sub -transmission and distribution systems and in particular 33KV, 11kV ,0.415kV and 0.240kVsystems.
  • Managing and monitoring the contracting, execution, and control of the Construction project within the west Kenya sub region.
  • Managing construction teams and labour and transport contractors in the implematation of projects.
  • Ensuring that construction schemes are constructed and implemented within the stipulated budget.
  • Closure of the both capital schemes and service lines before capitalization.
  • Quality control of the sub-transmission and distribution network installations of sub-region.
  • Operation and Maintenance of sub-transmission lines in the system( within Kisumu area).
  • Operations and Maintenance works including supervision of teams during both planned and emergency outages.
  • During the period I was in construction I successfully completed the following schemes.
    • Supply to United millers feedes fatory from obote road sub-station
    • Supply to Kisii bottlers.
    • Supply to safaricom, Manga.
    • Supply to safariocom Chwele.
    • Makasembo customer creation scheme.
    • Gita customer creation scheme

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