Client: AUC

 Sponsor: USAID

 Company: Tetra Tech

 Mr Headley Jacobus

1.      Conducting comparative analysis of existing compensation mechanisms of off-grid and mini-grid operators in the event that the national grid is extended to their site; to encourage increased private sector investment in the off-grid mini-grid sector by providing certainty on off-grid investments once the grid is rolled out in their respective areas;2.      Evaluation of existing key business and financing models, that can boost investment in small off-grid power generation plants (solar, hydro, bioenergy, hybrid, etc.) and small power distribution;3.      Analysis of existing interconnection terms if available and recommending appropriate interconnection terms to be applied in the event that the national grid encroaches upon an off-grid mini-grid site.4.        Facilitation of stakeholder validation workshop organized in collaboration with the AUC/DIE on mini-grids.

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