EU Commission

Rwanda Energy sector project formation (Diagnostic, Identification and Formulation) of an EU Energy programme under 11th EDF for Rwanda

Mr Marc Buchmann

AESG was involved in;Diagnostic: Providing an overview of the situation of the Energy sector and its sub-sectors (in particular electricity). Aspects of generation, transmission, distribution, access, efficiency, sector governance and institutional reforms were the key elements to focus on. Identification: On the basis of the analytical work carried out under Diagnostic, Identification phase followed and came up with several agreed upon interventions in Energy sector under the 11th EDF. This included an identification and justification of the most suitable sub-sectors, as well as identification and justification of financing modalities i.e. sector budget support, project approach, and a mix of both. Formulation: This phase consists of detailing and developing the option(s) previously chosen for the EU intervention in the Energy sector of Rwanda under the 11th EDF. The whole 5 year project package totals up to Euro 200 Million.

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