AESG did Consultancy for  the World Bank on energy policy and advisory and strategy

World Bank

Vijay Iyer

World Bank Washington:

AESG;Assisted the World Bank task teams in political and strategic review of the energy  projects and programs and facilitated understandings and agreements between relevant parties to advance the projects within the RECs and the Regional Power Pools starting with the Eastern and the Southern Africa regions and coming up with a proposal on the course of action that would enhance acceleration of the projects. This covered discussions with Governments (Ministers of Energy and their respective technical teams), experts that are carrying out studies (where relevant) and any other Institutions and Bodies that are involved in these projects Identified new energy related initiatives (purely public, total private, or a mix) within the RECs and individual countries that in one way or the other attributed to the WB strategy of advocating for increased energy access especially in Sub Sahara Africa. 

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