Regional Off-Grid Electrification project      The task involves Carrying out the power market assessment in 19 countries including 15 ECOWAS countries plus other 4 countries (Cameroon, Republic of Central Africa, Chadi and Mauritania) and then assist in refining 19 project proposals received from ECOWAS_ based Solar PV entrepreneurs in order to bring them to a stage ready for financial support.Specific objectives involve the following;Conducting assessments of the current state of access and the enabling market environment for each country, including the review of trade conditions for renewable energy equipment at regional and national level;Describing and quantifying demand and supply for solar lanterns, off – grid solar systems for households, private enterprises and public bodies for each country;Assessing the level, capability and willingness of existing financial institutions to provide financing to private off – grid solar companies for each country;Suggesting mechanisms on how to incentivize the private sector and financial institutions to enter or expand off – grid solar in all 19 target countries, including suggestions on how to strengthen the enabling market environment towards a harmonized regional solar market 

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