AESG lead in:  Defining the measures and instruments which need to be implemented to facilitate investments in the renewable/sustainable energy sector (electricity generation, cogeneration, mini-grid, solar home systems, clean cooking systems, biogas, etc…). Defining the legal and institutional arrangements needed to expedite the planning and development of renewable energies, rural electrification and energy efficiency;Defining the Capacity Building program for public and private project development with emphasis on renewable energy applications and energy efficiency, both at technical and organisational levels for the key actors in the energy sector.Defining an indicative list of studies (identification, feasibility, etc…) and surveys which could be financed to facilitate investments in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. This should include the modalities for identifying, selecting and developing demonstration project(s) to prove a viable case/business models for investment in renewable energy and/or energy efficiency development in Zambia and provide for lessons learnt;Defining and analysing the various possibilities to implement the different components of the programme with the associated budget and planning.

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