Client: Rwanda Energy Group (Energy Development Corporation Limited – EDCL), Consortium: TTA (Spain) & AESG (Rwanda) :Ref: Nicola Bugatti

The assignment requires preparing 30 mini-grid projects and the design of a tendering scheme for procurement. Specific outputs are following;1. Site Validation and Inception Report– Validating 30 sites pre-selected by EDCL for mini grid development. These sites were selected from the National Electrification Plan (NEP).II. Feasibility Studies and PPP operational models assessment:          i.  PPP operational models – Analyzing the options for mini grid that enable private sector investment and/or involvement.         ii.  Field Surveys – Data collection on socio-economic data, energy demand data, energy resource data, and other data required for                     development of project sites.        iii.  Technical & financial feasibility studies for the 30 mini-grid sites compliant with national / international standards. Propose a c                        comprehensive mini-grid roll-out plan to enable the implementation of 30 mini-grid projects.        iv.   Social-economic cost-benefit analysis assessing the wider benefits of public mini grid investment. This will support project                           appraisal for the allocation of public finance           v.   Environmental and social impact assessments for the sites in line with National Environmental Standards and AfDB’s integrated                  safeguards.Tendering scheme and associated documentation – design a competitive tendering scheme (e.g. lowest tariff / lowest subsidy etc.) given expected funding modalities and market realities. Prepare all necessary documentation and guidelines, (operational contracts, technical requirements, evaluation criteria, etc.).

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