Client: Rwanda Development Bank, Consortium: TTA (Spain) & AESG (Rwanda). Ref: Nicola Bugatti,

The assignment required undertaking the following;

  1. Design and develop training manual and guideline or tool of mini-grid Detailed Feasibility Studies (DFS). The guideline should include the basic requirements for feasibility survey, technical design, financial design, social and environmental safeguards and power design and end-use possibilities.
  2. Identify 30 potential local consultants (with priority to women whenever possible) from RE companies or design offices for preliminary training. Select at least 12 most potential consultants for further training to develop DFS reports (bankable projects).
  3. Conduct the pre-feasibility study of 50 initial sites provided by developers and select the 30 ±5 most relevant for a DFS. Provide detail training to at least 12 most potential consultants based on the training manual and guideline prepared for conducting DFS.
  4. Review selection criteria for sites for DFS and lead the selection process
  5. Develop the DFS report of 20 most potential sites (out of 30 ±5 sites as study cases) through those 12 local consultants trained. The report must contain information related to technical, financial feasibility, socio-economic, project management, demand side, opportunity cost, best available technology, environmental aspects etc.
  6. Quality assure the DFS report of 20 sites prepared by the trained local consultants). Submit other required documents on time.
  7. Situational analysis including capacity needs assessment amongst RE companies (mini-grid developers, design offices and local consultants)
  8. Prefeasibility study training conducted for 30 local consultants (including mini-grid developer or staff) from mini-grid companies or design offices
  9. DFS training conducted for 12 most potential consultants
  10. 20 sites for mini-grid (both hydro and solar-based sites) selected for DFS (out of at least 30 potential sites as study case)
  11. Training manual and guideline or tools developed for mini-grid DFS
  12. 20 DFS reports developed using local consultants. It is expected that those local consultants will then be capable enough to conduct DFS of many other mini-grid sites.

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