Stanten, African Union Commission, Ref: Ms Magda Popescu.

The project main objective is to develop a harmonized electricity market in Africa by supporting the AUC/Department of Infrastructure and Energy (DIE) in implementing and monitoring actions foreseen in the adopted Electricity Harmonization Regulatory Strategy and Action Plan. More specifically, the task relates to Lot 9 of the assignment which requires;Providing support to the design of the African Single Electricity Market – Policy Paper and Roadmap by;1.      Draft an In-depth review – Benchmark – Gaps identification – Policy paper;2.      Formulation of continental proposals on policies, action, measures towards an African Single Electricity Market, outline of a policy paper and road map3.      Consultations with AUC, AUDA – NEPAD, AFREC, Power pools, AFUR, Regional Regulatory Authorities4.      Presentation of the first draft policy paper and road map for the “African Single Electricity Market” including implementation modalities5.      Consultation –Validation Meeting – Approval by AU STC6.      Drafting the final policy paper and road mapDrafting a leaflet for dissemination

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