Kenya Power and lighting

Energy Sector Recovery program (ESRP)Supervision of the ingoing  turnkey projects to ensure that they are completed in a timely and standard manner.Coordination of System outages to include the new substations and equipment in to network.Reviewing and Approval of Material and equipment to be used in the implementation of the project according to the laid down specifications and design standards.Approval of substation layout plans construction plans based on international standards and laid out specifications.Preparation of tender documents and specifications based on IEC, IEEE and other internationally accepted standards for new substations and distribution lines.Administration of the tendering process for the new substations and lines.Participation in Factory acceptance tests.Commissioning of the systems and equipment.Participation in tender evaluation process and preparation of the recommendations for contract Awards.Ensuring that turnkey ( EPC)contractors adhere to both Environmental and Safety standards,Closure and Capitalisation of the implemented projects.During the time I was in the project, I participated in the implementation of various projects below, where I gained valuable practical experience in various aspects of MV network distribution projects

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