About Us
At Africa Energy Services Group – AESG – we are committed to contributing towards improving the energy situation in Africa. AESG understands well the critical situation the scarcity of sustainable energy access is imposing on the social economic development of the people, and therefore strive to use our experience to facilitate the best use of available energy resources for effective, efficient and sustainable energy outputs that spurs people’s wellbeing.


To be a one stop center for energy services on the African continent.


To be a winning player in facilitating the social economic development of African countries through our engagement in responding to the critical energy needs that include access, efficient use and focusing on sustainable sources.

Main Activities

Africa Energy Services Group (AESG) - www.africaesg.com - is an all Africa based energy, environment and climate change company with its head office in Kigali, Rwanda and branches in Dar es salaam, Tanzania and Maseru, Lesotho. It is constituted by a group of experienced professionals and experts in the areas highlighted above.


AESG strength ranges from research, advisory services, policy and strategy development, and technical consulting in energy and climate change space. Within a few years of starting up, the AESG has successfully brought its expertise to bear on a number of different areas related to energy, especially renewable, in more than 15 countries on the continent.


AESG's has positioned itself as one of referral centers for provision of energy services including studies, energy and climate change related research, policy and strategy advisory, knowledge and skills dissemination. Its research offer provides support services in the form of pre-feasibility, detailed technical, environmental and social impact assessment studies for the development and deployment of bankable energy related projects across Africa.

Advisory Services

AESG provides consultancy and a wide range of advisory services in energy and climate change related domains. This service offer draws on the strong technical expertise of AESG's professionals in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives as well as renewable energy space covering solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, biogas, biomass, and energy efficiency.

Policy and strategy development

Moreover, the AESG has successfully developed, revised and/or updated energy and climate change policies in different countries as well as providing and/or facilitating development of strategic approaches to increase rural energy access in regions across Africa. AESG does this by developing baseline surveys, which are then used to identify the priority energy needs and to establish the strategic framework for implementation of energy access programmes, environmental undertakings and/or climate change aspects.


More specifically, the company engages in the following areas;


i. Conducting energy studies within East Africa and Africa as a whole, engaging and providing energy, environment, and climate change studies, energy related research, knowledge and skills dissemination;


ii. Providing consultancy and a wide range of advisory services in oil, gas and energy related domains ranging from renewable energies that include but not limited to Solar, Natural and Methane gas, Biomass and Biogas, Hydro, Geothermal and Wind, to other forms of energy;


" Solar: solar systems planning including solar photovoltaics both on and off-grid applications, solar thermal systems, solar battery charging stations, etc.


" Hydro: hydropower project design, support on both technical and business case development level


" Wind: wind power development for water pumping, small electricity applications


" Geothermal: project identification and facilitation, structuring of project agreements, project development plan and concessioning framework


" Biogas: biogas system planning and implementation, technical assistance for construction and operation, improvement of sanitation systems and installation of biogas devices for cooking, lighting and cooling


" Biomass: improved cook stoves and improved charcoaling procedures, rational use of biomass and energy efficiency in that domain.


" Energy efficiency: for lighting, heating, energy efficiency for buildings and other energy consuming devices


" Oil and Gas: PSA and concessions transactions and business development processes including knowledge on Methane gas extraction and transformation to power techniques.


iv. Carrying out development of policy and strategy on energy related aspects and provision of short term training on energy matters;


v. Provision of advisory services on energy efficiency for cooking, lighting and other energy productive applications and clean cooking and heating energy solutions;



Africa Energy Services Group Ltd : Performed activities and projects


The engagements Africa Energy Services Group Ltd has undertaken since its founding in 2010 include but not limited to; assisting multilateral organizations including the European Union Commission, African Development Bank, Economic Commission for Africa, directly or through other partner companies, United Nations, as well as the World Bank on a number of tasks including the coordination of certain key activities involving the Forum of Ministers of Energy in Africa as well as making progress on pushing certain regional projects in Eastern and Southern Africa through the Regional Economic Blocks (EAC, COMESA, CEPGL, NELSAP, etc.). For more about activities here.

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